During the trip, they been stand-offish and had behaved strangely, requesting several stops on the return trip. Elena is also an addict; he investigates her, but she does nothing at all to clear herself of blame. He wakes from the dream to the reality of the disappearance of Michela Prestia who had been seduced into prostitution. List of Inspector Montalbano (TV series) episodes, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Inspector_Montalbano_episodes&oldid=984346953, Lists of Italian television series episodes, Articles needing cleanup from August 2017, Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from August 2017, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from August 2017, Articles lacking sources from August 2017, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from March 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The episode opens with Montalbano's discovery, in an abandoned villa, of the naked body of Michela Licalzi, a young woman who was married to a wealthy and complaisant older man. L’episodio La rete di protezione, diretto da Luca Zingaretti, dopo la morte di Alberto Sironi ha fatto arrabbiare molti dei fan del commissario più famoso della fiction italiana. Complicating the investigation is the strange behavior of Mimì Augello, Montalbano's deputy, who has become grumpy and quarrelsome, who is embittering everyone's life in the Vigata police station. After the demolition of an old silo, a diary is found, written in the summer of 1943 by a young fascist, Carlo Colussi, in which he confesses that he has done something terrible. Il Commissario Montalbano: che fine ha fatto Ingrid – VIDEO, Isabell Sollman: chi è Ingrid del Commissario Montalbano, Katharina Böhm: che fine ha fatto la prima ‘Livia’ di Montalbano – VIDEO, Roma, esplode palazzina: ci sono dispersi, si cerca una bimba, Addio a Dave Greenfield degli Stranglers: ucciso a 71 anni dal Coronavirus, Ferragnez, il sesso del nascituro: Leone conferma tutto – VIDEO, Louise Glück: chi è il premio Nobel per la letteratura – VIDEO, Coronavirus nuovo DPCM: le principali novità previste – VIDEO, Coronavirus, falsi miti e realtà: ecco come si trasmette veramente, Incidente devastante, famiglia distrutta: morta mamma e tre bimbi piccoli, Tumore Rosalinda Celentano, le parole commoventi della sorella Rosita. Scopriamo qualcosa in più sull’attrice che è entrata nel cuore del pubblico e nel cuore del famoso commissario! The insomniac Filippo Alaimo, a friend of Alberto, claims he saw a car being driven away from the house late on the night of the death. It turns out that she had owned a priceless Guarnieri del Gesù violin. One of them is a member of the Sinagra clan and the other is Stefano Tallarita who is serving a sentence for drug dealing. They are guarded by a large terracotta dog, and next to them is a saucer with coins. Another more recent lover and a young man who used to work in Elena’s shop are also suspects. At the same time a theft is discovered at one of the largest supermarkets in Vigata, which is known to be owned by the Cuffaro family, and the board of directors is headed by another politician, a certain Mongibello. One of the dustmen alerts Rizzo, Lupparello's lawyer and best friend, who merely advises the men to call the police. There are several suspects who could have done it and one by one they are eliminated, to bring the commissioner and his team to the final answer. It turns out that Angelica’s parents, who died several years earlier, were being blackmailed by Pierrera, and it is she and her cousin who have instigated the other thefts to cover up this last and most important one, which they hope will prove his criminal activities. Montalbano has to eliminate many possible suspects, and think outside the box to figure out how the murderer was able to get away undetected. When he investigates, Montalbano finds the new door missing, and he discovers remnants of explosives and various armaments in the immediate area. A disillusioned Montalbano, who got up early in the morning, witnessed the death of a seagull on the beach, noting that the agony resembles a dance. Angelo Pardo a doctor was found shot in the forehead, with his trousers. While the inquiry continues, the Commissioner is under pressure from all sides: from the bishop, who does not want shadows cast on Goodwill, the local Prosecutor who does not want to displease the bishop, and Livia, who wants to leave him in order to "find herself". The accountant Gargano has disappeared and with him all the money that many citizens of Vigata had given him in the hope that he would invest it productively. L’attrice svedese Isabell Sollman è nota al pubblico italiano per aver interpretato il personaggio di Ingrid Sjöström nella serie televisiva Il commissario Montalbano. The commissioner senses that there is a tragedy behind those films. In nessun caso i contenuti di thesocialpost.it possono essere utilizzati per scopi commerciali. The Commissioner on the one hand tries to manage the worsening relations between two major Mafia families of Vigata (Cuffaro and Sinagra), and on the other is engaged in the search for a foreign girl; and the trail leads into the Sicilian countryside, and to an abandoned railway station located Biagio, where a mentally disabled person confesses to having delivered the girl to a dangerous criminal involved in the white slave trade. Il primo episodio dell’attrice è La forma dell’acqua, sotto il profilo della donna svedese Ingrid Sjöström. Unfortunately his "cop" nose doesn't fool him. He manages to get an extra day to investigate from the deputy prosecutor Lo Bianco. The murder is a puzzle, given that she should not have been in the building while it was being renovated, and the killer should have been easy to find, because of all the blood. Thus both cases seem to be connected, and Montalbano eventually uncovers a drugs operation involving Adriano Lombardo and his mafia connections, with Liliana and Arturo caught in the middle. Montalbano questions Michela's husband and her closest friend, Anna, a local school teacher, who takes a fancy to Montalbano. A month previously, however, Barletta fell in love with a new girl, to whom he promised a large sum of money and a house, and on the day of the murder he was about to change his will in her favour.

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