Leave the space in the same condition that you found it. FACEBOOK PLACECORNER STORE |, Il tuo spazio nel mondo! New followers? We have broken the entire pop-up store journey into six phases; Planning, Getting Started, Ready for Opening, Operation, Closing and Evaluation. If you’re planning a ticketed event, select a solution to sell and scan tickets. Su Placecorner puoi promuovere il tuo spazio per organizzare un evento sia privato che aziendale, affittando lo spazio sia in esclusiva che in condivisione con l'attività principale del tuo locale. Ti aiutiamo a contattare il titolare dello spazio e concordare con lui le condizioni per la gestione delle vendite. Per pubblicare uno spazio nel nostro catalogo, basta registrarsi e creare il proprio annuncio corredato di foto, testi e condizioni. Raise awareness? pop up store Reckon Store roma TOOFASTFOR Touch The Wood What to read … There are a number of payment systems out there that sync directly with the WiFi and can be securely run from a mobile phone. You can do this through the Storefront platform or work with our concierge team who can liaise with the landlord for you. Ti daremo supporto A customer engagement target? per creare il tuo annuncio e promuoverlo. 3. Puoi farlo da solo o con il supporto del nostro team. Is it a revenue target? Gli utilizzatori dei servizi Placecorner sono utenti iscritti alla piattaforma, con documenti validati dal team Placecorner. Where: Reckon Store, via Aracoeli, 45 Rome. Do your research ahead of time. IKEA Roma Anagnina. Contatti il titolare dello spazio e concordi con lui gli orari e le condizioni, in maniera diretta e senza costi di intermediazione. It is never too early to start drumming up buzz for your pop-up shop. What will your window displays look like? Cerca o offri spazi, © 2017 Placecorner - Tutti i diritti riservati. They are a person who probably has a fair amount of experience using their space. Successful pop-up shops are staffed by enagaing, exuberant and on brand staff. Break everything down. We’ve prepared the below checklist to help anyone who is contemplating running a pop-up shop. Entra. Registrati e contattaci su info@placecorner.com. How many shares did you get? Number of social media likes or sales? W/: Touch the Wood. Simply test out your products? This will vary on the nature of your pop-up store, the nature of your retail and the country/city you are in. Are you going to have a grand opening? Registrati, Stai cercando uno spazio e vuoi sapere come funziona il nostro servizio? Do you have a person you can call in case of technical issues? Sei interessato a locare il tuo spazio in esclusiva o in condivisione? was the location right? Clean up the space. Stay in touch with your landlord. In short, what’s your objective? You will need to make sure you leave enough time and energy to probably clean up the space. Visit your pop-up space and figure out its configuration so you always have a clear picture in your mind. Share your good work with other brands and customers. k. Cosa facciamo. Reach out to your customers and anyone who helped the project to say thank you – including the landlord. Puoi decidere di passare attraverso la piattaforma. Con Placecorner.com puoi farlo. Pop-up store. Break down your pop-up store. Setting up a bricks and mortar pop-up store is a lot of work and while Storefront are the experts in finding venues for pop-up shops, there are many other factors that are equally important. Are you looking to build your brand? Ottime notizie per tutte le beauty addicted: Clio Make Up è tornata! Are they having work done? Find unique spaces to create unforgivable experiences. Hai un ufficio e vorresti affittare a tempo gli spazi che non usi? Do something to draw visitors in – when you’re planning your marketing make sure you include how you’re going to get people walking past to come in. Promuoviamo gli spazi e i marchi che faranno parte del nostro circuito, attraverso mirate campagne social, news letter e sticker da apporre sulle vetrine. Dispose of rubbish responsibly. Il nostro team ti supporterà e ti guiderà per tutto il percorso, senza costi aggiuntivi. What will most appeal to customers and foot traffic alike? Hire your staff. Registrati e contattaci su place.corner@placecorner.com. If you’ve created quite a mess consider a private cleaning firm to come in and clean up after you. Determine employee policies and think about how you can engage and motivate your staff. Find The Ideal Pop Up Space For Your Project: © 2018 PopUp Immo, Inc. All rights reserved. hbspt.cta.load(6786763, 'd5030154-e265-46f5-acad-69d3fca46aa4', {}); Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on around your venue for the duration of your stay. IKEA Roma … These are all valid objectives and ones many brands have employed before. Learn from any mistakes, and take note of the elements that worked so you can go bigger and better next time around. By closing this banner, scrolling this page or by clicking any of its elements you consent the use of cookies. Puoi affittare a tempo uno spazio in esclusiva e aprire il tuo punto vendita a o allestire la tua esposizione per il tempo desiderato. hbspt.cta.load(6786763, '61220a66-511b-45c5-80ef-b53093d14888', {}); What utilities do you need? (wi-fi, video equipment, or kitchen space, for example) and how will you use them? We Love to Shop Local è un circuito dedicato a realtà indipendenti nel mondo della moda e dell’home decor, finalizzato alla promozione, alla locazione a tempo di corner e vetrine o semplicemente alla scoperta di nuove opportunità commerciali. It takes the form of a list of questions and statements we recommend you consider before you go any further. How many sign ups did you receive? The following is an excerpt from a webinar hosted by Storefront, and two of its partners: fashion... Sergio Mannino, Principal of Sergio Mannino Studio, knows a thing or two about designing the... We now live in the experience age, where consumers of all ages, especially millennials, are opting... From white-box spaces to corner stores, hotel residencies and industrial lofts, Storefront provides an exclusive catalog of 10,000+ amazing spaces available for short-term renting. Test everything, from the lights and music to payment and other online systems.

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