Processional scenes occupy the north and south flanks of the altar screen. The festivities of the Roman state religion were steeped in tradition and ritual symbolism. It is believed that this is another flaw in the rushed reconstruction of 1939, that a panel is missing here, and that the sparse fragments at the left edge of this frieze should be closer together. Unsure of its correct placement, it has stayed off the Ara Pacis. He is dressed in the clothes of a priest, with his head covered, as he makes an offering at a rustic altar. Originally located along the Via Lata (now Rome’s Via del Corso), the altar is part of a monumental architectural makeover of Rome’s Campus Martius carried out by Augustus and his family. The German art historian Friedrich von Duhn of the University of Heidelberg is credited with the discovery that the fragments corresponded to the altar mentioned in Augustus’ Res Gestae. The Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Peace) is a sacrificial altar commissioned by the Roman Senate on July 4, 13 BC to honor the triumphal return of emperor This results in its identity being impossibly, a mixture of Classicism and Fascism and modernism—all difficult to interpret in a postmodern reality. The man she is looking at, behind her, is her husband and Germanicus' father, Drusus. The great new shrine of white marble and glass, inaugurated in 2006, has the function to protect the monument and also houses a museum. Seguendo gli hashtag #cineCampidoglio e #setCampidoglio è stato ed è ancora possibile scoprire tutte le occasioni in cui il… Continua a leggere , Qual è la trama che rende il tessuto dell’essere umano così pieno di fili inestricabili, connessi l’uno all’altro a formare un disegno al contempo splendido e tragico? The interior of the enclosure, like the exterior, is divided into two registers placed one above the other and separated by a band of palmettes. Mars is shown dressed for war and carrying a spear; his plumed helmet is decorated with a griffin (half-lion, half-eagle) and his breastplate with the head of a Gorgon (an Egyptian woman who's face turned people who saw her into stone - Yikes, look away!). It was not until 1859 that further fragments of the Ara Pacis emerged. The implications of the Ara Pacis are far reaching. The Ara Pacis is made up of an enclosure which surrounds the true altar; it thus follows the pattern of a templum minus, which is described by Festo like this: "The templa minora were created by the Augurs (priests), who encircled the chosen places with wooden panels or with drapery, so that they only had one entrance, and demarcated the space with the customary formulae. The better preserved panel of the east wall depicts a seated female figure (above) who has been variously interpreted as Tellus (the Earth), Italia (Italy), Pax (Peace), as well as Venus. Se non si fa uso delle opere delle età passata, il mondo rimarrà sempre nell’infanzia della conoscenza. “Castro Pretorio da caserma a vigna… a caserma. These monumental forms, of which the Ara Pacis is a prime example, served to both create and reinforce these Augustan messages. The Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Peace) is a sacrificial altar commissioned by the Roman Senate on July 4, 13 BC to honor the triumphal return of emperor Augustus from his campaigns in Hispania (Spain) and Gaul (France). He is represented as "pontifex maximus," or high priest, veiled and acting in his official capacity as priests, ready to perform a sacrifice. The people in that region are lictors, the emperor's bodyguards. It's the side that faces the entrance to the museum, so is the first side of the Ara Pacis you'll see when you visit. His mother, with her hand on his head, would then be a Parthian woman. Newly built Fascist palaces, bearing Fascist propaganda, flank the space dubbed “Piazza Augusto Imperatore” (“Plaza of the emperor Augustus”). The two registers are separated by a band with a horizontal Greek meandering pattern, something like a row of connected swastikas, which is mostly reconstruction.

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