She also built a "Temple of Love," which modern-day curators say can be seen from her room in the Petit Trianon. The gardens at the Palace of Versailles, France, designed by André Le Nôtre. Owen Jarus - Live Science Contributor It reflects both the beauty and culture of France and its tumultuous history. When Napoleon came to power, he had an apartment created for himself in the Grand Trianon, complete with a map room. The first floor of the central building houses the lavish apartments of the king and queen as well as numerous salons for entertaining guests and members of court. Louis XIV wanted to show that France could produce mirrors just as fine as those produced in Italy, and consequently, all the mirrors of that hall were made on French soil.". It had two entrances, prompting much speculation as to what went on in it. Louis XIV ruled France for 72 years, and in that time transformed Versailles by encompassing Louis XIII's chateau with a palace that contained north and south wings, as well as nearby buildings housing ministries. But, even more then that, he is the Sun King. The south wing was nicknamed “the princes’ wing,” as the princes du sang (“princes of the blood”) were given quarters there. However, toward the end of the 18th century it became more of a symbol of the aristocracy's wealth, which stood in stark contrast to that of the common people. Their virtuosity formed the star turn of a tour of the gardens," writes Tony Spawforth, a professor at Newcastle University, in his book "Versailles: A Biography of a Palace" (St. Martin's Press, 2008). Building such a lavish complex was an important part of Louis XIV's style of rule and beliefs about monarchy, which we would call absolutism, said Schmidt. He sits like a god in a chariot that is being pushed by none other than Hercules himself. Benjamin Franklin, acting on behalf of a newly independent United States, negotiated a treaty with Louis XVI, which led to America getting critical support from the French military. Stay up to date on the coronavirus outbreak by signing up to our newsletter today. For several years after this defeat, the situation in France was so bad that its Chamber of Deputies and Senate opted to meet at Versailles, rather than Paris, for reasons of safety. Despite the richness of the palace, the kings had to make do with makeshift theaters up until 1768 when Louis XV allowed the building of the royal opera. Her estate reflects a desire for a simpler life and homesickness for her native Austria. Additionally, she built the charming "grotto," a cave that had a moss bed for Marie Antoinette to lie on. Though Marie Antoinette is known for her lavishness, in reality she did not always enjoy being queen. Tourists in the Royal Court at the Palace of Versailles, France. It is located in the city of Versailles, Yvelines département, Île-de-France région, northern France, 10 miles (16 km) west-southwest of Paris. By Two more pivotal events would occur at Versailles in this post-revolutionary period. You will receive a verification email shortly. "The 'Escalier des Ambassadeurs' was the first and the most important Baroque ceremonial staircase. The north wing also contains galleries, salons, and apartments. "It's very different from, for example, Italian baroque architecture, which served as an inspiration for other European countries during that time.". Guillaume Picon is a historian and specialist on the kings of France. Updates? Near the Grand Trianon, Marie Antoinette, the queen of Louis XVI, created an estate for herself. Flanking the Royal Court to the south is the Dufour Pavilion, while the Gabriel Pavilion lies to the north. "As king of France he was the embodiment of France — and his palace was meant to display the wealth and power of his nation," she said. Charles Le Brun oversaw the interior decoration. Even then, centuries after its modest start as a hunting lodge, events still took place at Versailles that ultimately helped shaped the world we live in today. But, said Gudek Snajdar, the French of the time would not have considered it baroque. At the far north end of the wing is the Opéra Royal, built under Louis XV by Ange-Jacques Gabriel. Mushroom hunter unearths gorgeous Bronze Age sword. Directly west of the terrace is the Latona Fountain, designed by Le Nôtre and sculpted by Gaspard and Balthazard Marsy. The ground floor of the central building was reserved for key members of the royal family. They possess somewhat different features than Italian baroque architecture, including the emphasis on symbols of power and timeless domination. The king had his throne in the "Apollo Salon" and worshiped in a royal chapel, which spanned two stories, which Bajou notes was built between 1699 and 1710. The Grand Trianon was originally erected as a retreat for Louis XIV in 1670, but in 1687 Hardouin-Mansart built a new palace on the site. She took over a building called the "Petit Trianon" and built a number of structures, including a working farm (also called the "hamlet"), which provided the palace with fresh produce, and a nearby house and small theater.

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